Sonja Lavrov Marinković

Head of Valuation and Investment Advisory Services

Mrs. Lavrov Marinković has over 10 years of experience in project development advisory, including Real Estate Valuations, Feasibility Studies, Lender’s Supervisor and Project Management services. Before joining Solidity in 2012, as Manager of Investment and Corporate Advisory Services in Colliers Serbia from 2008 to 2011, Mrs. Lavrov Marinković was responsible for restructuring and management of valuation and market research team. She managed the valuation portfolio in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina of approximately 12,000,000 sqm on annual basis. Her previous experience as a Manager in Colliers International (3 years), Building Consultant and Valuer in King Sturge (1 year) and Lender’s Supervisor in EC Harris (3 years) have given her an opportunity to have a different perspective on projects acting as a manager, supervisor or valuer, while focusing on both financial and engineering characteristics and constrains for each project.

Mrs. Lavrov Marinković’s professional experience will make a solid foundation to financial, urban, physical and legal parameters for each valuation and development advisory within Solidity. She holds a BSc degree from Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, section for Construction Management, Informatics and Technology, as well as the REV Certification in Real Estate Appraisal issued from TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Association). Additionally she is Court Expert in the field of construction and has National Valuation Licence.

Notable project in terms of valuation reports and feasibility studies in the last two years includes valuation of an island in Montenegro, private hospital in Montenegro, football stadium and other properties such as retail, industrial, logistic, business and residential properties.

  • Valuation and Advisory portfolio in period from 2012 up to 2015 comprises:
    • 1,750,000.00 sqm of land analysis
      • an island of 301,600.00 sqm
      • 1,400,000.00 sqm of construction land
      • 37,000.00 sqm agricultural land
    • 290,000.00 sqm of building analysis
      • 132,000.00 shopping centers and retail units
      • 36,000.00 office buildings
      • 26,000.00 residential properties
      • 12,000.00 hotels
      • 86,000.00 warehouses and storages
  • Previous experience:
    •  1,910,000.00 sqm of land analysis (construction land and agricultural land)
    • 342,000.00 sqm of building valuations and analysis
      • Over 80,000.00 sqm of office buildings,
      • Over 85,000.00 sqm of residential properties,
      • Over 45,000.00 sqm of retail units
      • Over 85,000.00 sqm of warehouses and storages
      • Over 35,000.00 sqm of shopping centers
      • Over 12,000.00 sqm of hotel developments

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